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Owner: Melissa Stachowski
Owns: Mrs. AWESOME (Original 8 team)
Has also owned: Mom with a Vengance and You let a girl beat you.
Over all record last 2 seasons: 18-10
Last season: 10-4
Made the Playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons
Played for the Simbo Cup only One time. Simbo Cup record: 1-0


Melissa the first female owner in F.F.L history, and a original 8 owner. Is also the first ever female Simbo Cup Champion in F.F.L history. Melissa always seems to have a strong team, Only missing the playoffs one time in 4 seasons. And she contributes that to always having a strong draft. When asked how one can always draft strong she replied. Study the players when all else fails take Tom Brady. And don't forget you can always change your name..